Welcome to the Stone Hearth Schoolroom

This website holds host to a library of online literature on the topics of homesteading, self-sufficiency, primitive living skills, and more.

The main purpose of this website is to provide a variety of quality, free information for easy access to the net-wielding public.

As well as a list of more than xxxx links, I weekly will post an article. These articles will be both purely research-based, such as reviews of other sites or a synopsis of a popular herb, and experience-driven, such as the article where I take you through the process of skinning a deer and tanning a hide, or a mix of the too, such as Ode to the Cranberry, where I give information about the fruit itself and give recipes of my own. 

The primary mission of every post is to provide access to information enough to begin to inform yourself. Therefore, no matter what kind of article is written, research- or experience-driven, the article will be peppered with links to other sites on relevant topics. 

In this classroom, I am a student as much as you. My hope with this website is to provide access to as much education as a person wishes to receive. I am not The Expert, nor will I ever claim to be. I am in this world testing out paths and hoping to help any other person heading maybe the same way.

In this schoolroom, we are the teachers. The content is from other boggers and article writers. Just like the rest of us, these writers are learning, trying, and then coming back to share. When we learn from each other, something something inspiring.


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